The American enthusiast Leo Fender was a man who invented and manufactured the first bass guitar in the world – his classic model Precision Bass. It was in the 1951. He precisely defined the sound as well as the visual appearance of that new musical instrument. Mr. Fender made just a practical footstep, he solved two problems of the currently used double bass – the poor mobility and the problem with the electric sound distribution. The bass guitar entered its way to be widely used instrument, preferably to densify the whole sound of a band. Later on the new bass guitar playing techniques began to be used and it has an infuence on the common attitude to this instrument. The bass guitar is just a guitar and it offers a wide range of tones and possibilities. You can play it in various ways, it is a full-featured musical instrument and you can even build the whole concert just on it.



              Some affairs develop themselves naturally. It is an unique experience to enter the stage completely alone – equipped only with the bass guitar – it is highly exciting. There is a firework of tones and it is enough to have the will, fantasy and of course the audience to fire it off. The only one musician is entering the stage and four strings on his standard bass guitar are all he owns. But the audinece should not recognize this personal deficit except for the visual percept. Besides the deliberately monotonous drum’s sample all the tones are rising on the bass guitar’s fingerboard. It is possible to create impressive tones - the necessary basics for the creation of a music which probably surprises the audience. No pre-prepared utilities – the whole music is being played live.



              The music helps to make the world more cheerful and the life more coloured. The mission of every musician is to participate in this effort. What did I just want to do? Oh, I wanted to go and …